Canatelz was established in 2017

Atele Patty ndamba the founder of  Canatelz canape & catering company. I am the the head chef in the company as well, as I have over 10 years experience in the industry. While working for a high profile company’s in my past kitchens I gained more knowledge into seasoning and final touches on dishes. I always had in my mind to have my own business in the kitchen industry, as my experience has always been 5 star standard in garnishing, using quality ingredients and taste’s that will tingle your taste buds.

So My dream came true and here it is canatelz, we will always be consistent at all time to our customers and provide good services from delivery’s & functions.




Impress your guests with our delicious and stylishly presented canapés. All our canapés are freshly hand-made using the highest quality ingredients also perfect to enrich any event. Contact Or email us for any enquiry involving allergies & dietary, also free canape tasting for three people max.

Please note our canapes has to be pre booked five days advance & Minimum spend is £150 thank you.

We also can provide Halal meat if requested, certificate will be fax or email to the client thank you.


Build On Site / Event Canapes

Our build on site Canape menu offers a selection of hot and cold canapes which is prepared of site then freshly assembled, cooked or heated on site. This allows for high level of presentation and requires our chefs to have access to a kitchen or a space to construct as a temporary kitchen. Outside service chef will need to be payed by hourly which will be discussed at the menu tasting.

Our Catering services

We cater for every occasion etc sitdown dinners & intimate gatherings to large-scale events of 250 hungry guests. We mix modern and traditional styles to cook up menus for every occasion but the menu will be arranged with us and the client. Most importantly, we keep it simple: our food is locally sourced, freshly prepared and always delicious.

All our meals are prepared with care, because we love food and we know you do too. If you share our passion for great quality and great tasting dishes, we'd love to arrange a tasting session for you that is free of charge minimum guest three people thank you.

Take away ( Wraps, Bagels + sides + smoothies )

Tortilla & Bagel

Our tortillas come in two colours, white or blue and are made from Mexican masa harina (ground nixtamalized corn flour).The difference in taste between the blue and the white tortillas is negligible. Our blue corn tortillas are made from naturally blue corn and the same with the classic white tortillas made from white corn.

Bagels are made from the basic bread ingredients of flour, yeast, salt and sweetening. High-gluten flour gives the roll its spongy, chewy texture, which can be lightened by the addition of eggs, milk, and butter. As traditionally made, the dough is shaped by hand into a ring, boiled for a short time in water to seal the dough to ensure a compact texture, and then baked. In modern mass production , the rings are machine-made, and steaming may be substituted for boiling. In either process, a glaze of  egg yolk or milk applied before baking produces a shiny crust. Seeds and spices may be added before baking; bagels also are made with flavourings, vegetables, nuts, or fruits mixed into the dough, although purists scorn such innovation  There are also whole-grain and ryeversions.

DELIVERY INFORMATION/ MENU/ MARKET STALL Canatelz wraps, Bagels will be available only in the weekends from 1 pm - 10 pm.

Boroughs: Waltham Forest, Hackney, Haringey, Islington

Wraps will be served with a choice of

Sweet potatoes fries, rosemary potato wedges, homemade salads ( Feta cheese + black olives + red onion + sweet corn + avocado salad)

Our smoothies are freshly made and blended smoothly with oats, salt, Greek yogurt, almond milk & semi skimmed milk.

Orange & ginger, blueberry, spinach, raspberries, strawberries, banana.

Any allergies or items that you not a fan of, that you will want to be removed please leave a note at the checkout please.

Spend over £10 for free delivery, Delivery charge £1.50

Between 15-30min to be delivered

We are planning For our wraps to be served  live In local markets around London, there will be a update information of when and where our stand will be thank you.




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