Atele Patrick Ndamba is the founder of canatelz catering, established in 2017 His dream came to life as a little kid he used to help his mother in the kitchen. She would always call him in the kitchen to help her cook, by him watching her cook all the time made him want to try it out.

He attended cooking school and received qualifications then He went straight to work and He got himself 13 years experience in 5 star establishment (restaurants and hotels). Then I said to myself “why don’t I have my own company and build it from the experience that i gained through the years in the kitchen and i did it welcome to canatelz


For wedding events we ask for a 25% deposit which is taken to secure your date and get your booking confirmed. The main payment of 50% is payable 3 months before your wedding day and the final payment (approx 25%) and when we confirm all elements of your invoice, is due 2 weeks prior to your big Day! With all other bookings we request a 50% deposit at time of booking, with the remainder 50% balance due 2 weeks prior to your event. If any booking is made less than 1 month prior to your event we kindly ask that your invoice is settled in full at time of your booking.  
We are flexible and will always try to accommodate alternative payment structures as well.


We are a Canapé & catering company based in eastlondon, we provide catering for a whole host of corporate & private clients across London Please email us if further afield, we can normally accommodate larger events and weddings if slightly longer distance.




we understand that numbers are likely to be changing frequently running up the big day, but its important that everything is agreed and confirmed 2 weeks prior to your event.


We pretty much make everything in house, with this in mind we have full control and more importantly the flexibility of adjusting menus to suit. Please ensure you let us know during bookings process of any allergies and additional dietary requirements your guest may have.


As a standard rule we usually hold a quote for 1 month calendar month, we do however continue to quote with additional clients and sadly we do operate a first come first serve basis with our booking process. As soon as we receive a deposit for your event, we then can turn away any additional events that may conflict your booking. Unfortunately we don't refund if a guest cancels. Once you confirm the final numbers, we order all ingredients accordingly and start all the preparation for your event.



we encourage it especially for weddings to make sure its the correct menu choice for your big day or a event. This service does come with a fee per head depending on how many items you choose and portion. But the first two portions are free, we only start charging from the the third portion. We also do food tasting for the young party members, we have various range options, panko  breaded  chicken goujons, fish and chips ,sausage & mash this are few trusted favourites kids dishes that we can arrange